Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut Watch

Hello everyone, this is noitel. Recently, Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 Rose Gold replica watches launched by ZF factory. A watch friend who likes Patek Philippe asked me this Aquanaut 5167 from ZF factory. Compared with the Aquanaut 5167 from PF factory, how about the quality and simulation degree, is it worth buying?

Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 Rose Gold Watch

Take 5167R rose gold replica watch as an example. Steel case with tape is a watch that is very suitable for wearing in summer. The main style is sports and leisure, with high recognition and unlimited appeal. The design of the dial is a simple three-pointer + calendar structure, the date display function is set at 3 o'clock, the dial and the double-layer structure of the dial are used to mark the scale, and the luminous filling effect is adopted. The double-sided mirrors are made of true sapphire crystal glass All details are exquisitely made and exquisite craftsmanship.

First of all, on the whole, Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch of ZF factory has done a very good job in the overall layout, fonts, disc grenade pattern, and three-dimensional scale reduction. The diameter of the watch is 42mm. The case is made of 316L stainless steel. The top of the case is processed with a brushing process. The rounded sides and the polishing treatment almost achieve the mirror effect.

We carefully appreciate the literal details, the dial is delicate and delicate, the sunlight dial has obvious radial lines, and the visual effect is better under sunlight. The luminous scale is wrapped with metal edges, the figures are flat, the pointer is not burr, and the metal texture is super strong. In terms of movement, the details of ZF factory's Replica Aquanaut 5167 Rose Gold Watch are still in place. The Citizen 9015 movement is used to change the original Cal.324SC automatic mechanical movement, which is washed, processed and carved on the basic deck. Text in English to achieve the effect of restoring authentic products. At the same time, the movement of the ZF factory exclusively achieved the position of the balance wheel in the replica watches market and the authenticity. Other factories such as the PF factory failed to do so temporarily. The position of the PF factory grenade balance wheel has a deviation of about 10 compared to the original, but it is not a friend who is very familiar with this Patek Philippe "grenade", and generally does not know the difference.

Trues Aquanaut 5167

Aquanaut 5167 Rose Gold side

From the side view, ZF factory Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 Rose Gold Watch crown LOGO restoration degree is extremely high. Friends familiar with "5167" should know that the thickness of this genuine watch is 8.1mm. The ZF factory is now able to achieve the thinnest copy thickness of 8.6mm. Friends who bought the PF factory Patek Philippe "5167" should also understand that the PF factory "5167" thickness is 9.5mm. Therefore, in terms of thickness, the ZF plant is still relatively more advantageous.

The strap is made of imported rubber strap, which has high flexibility and very good durability and corrosion resistance. The buckle is made of the same 316 stainless steel. The metal parts on both sides will be fully closed to form Patek Philippe's iconic ' Calatrava' cross-bas-relief, the Patek Philippe logo above is more exquisitely crafted. Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 Rose Gold Watch can be used as a formal watch, attend business events, or worn as a casual watch everyday. It is a beautiful watch with a variety of styles and unique shapes. This model launched by ZF Factory has a total of three Various colors, white shell gray surface, white shell blue surface and rose gold surface. The above is an example of rose gold noodles, and watch friends who like this watch are still worth recommending to buy.

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