1:1 Rolex 114300 Oyster Steel Replica Watch

Today I share with you the Rolex 114300 Replica Watch. In 2014, Rolex launched three Oyster Perpetual Watches with 36mm color dials. It is stunning, but its small size is more suitable for women. I probably heard the voice of consumers. In 2015, Rolex then launched the men's 39mm Oyster Perpetual Watch 114300 with the same color dial. Today we are going to talk about Rolex 114300 Replica Watches, they are all genuine 1:1 molds, equipped with super replica 3132 movement, the texture is invincible. The Oyster Perpetual Series not only contains a simple and durable shape, but also can operate accurately in different environments. It is also an option for getting younger and younger!

Rolex watches are for the general public, so the design is smooth and there is no precious metal application. Let's take a look at the appearance of the 1:1 Rolex 114300 Oyster Steel Replica Watch by AR factory. The appearance looks at a glance without any discomfort. The proof is made using genuine molds, and no problems can be seen. AR factory another popular series 1:1 produced by the factory replica rolex submariner watches the world's best rolex replica sales site, all made by real Oyster Steel.

5 colors Rolex 114300 replica watches

replica vs real 1. The color, time scale, printing process of the replica literal and blue integral inner circle scale are actually exactly the same as the original. The same genuine Rolex 114300 is similar to the laser lettering, and its appearance is polished. The details are in place.
2. The shape of the crown logo at 2.12 o'clock is also well done, and the edges of the nails are as sharp as the original.
3. The hour hand, minute hand, second hand and center axis are ideally higher than one to restore the genuine olex 114300, and the entire details of the hands are well grasped by the AR factory.
4: As you can see, under the similar light source, the blue time scale, the color of the genuine Rolex 114300 is gradually fading out, the Rolex 114300 Oyster Steel Replica is getting more and more green, and the big crown is very beautiful and smooth. The angle to the opening is perfect.
5: Case comparison: the streamline and polishing of the case and lugs are very delicate, which is the strength of the genuine mold. The crown of the zigzag winding crown is engraved with the crown icon, and the superb workmanship of Rolex 114300 Replica is not enough to match real.
6: The Rolex 114300 Replica's strap is made of solid steel three-grid links, and the small crown above the buckle is formed at the same time as CNC, no difference. The genuine edge of the buckle tail is polished and re-engraved as brushed.

There is nothing more versatile than the grey dial. Any skin color, any race is versatile, perhaps walking alone on the streets at night, or driving in a rapid rush ceramics replica watches, gray always reminds you of resoluteness and determination. Or a scorching afternoon, and hazy after the rain. Under the sunlight, there are so gentle and pleasant. Being arrogant and impetuous is the best time for a person to mature. If you hold your baby or baby, how beautiful and happy you are at that moment!

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